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Paying Fees just a few clicks away! Say hello to Feezy.in
Student Start-ups
Akshay Kumar
March 21, 2015
Screenshot from 2015-03-14 12_24_10

Are you a working parent? Do you find it tedious to go to your child’s school to pay the fees when you could use that time to be with them instead? Are you a college student and your college fee queue is your worst nightmare? If yes, you’ll love feezy.in and if not then you […]

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Student Start-ups
Surbhi Mathur
February 4, 2015
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The story started when an engineering student Ashish Sangai attended a seminar of a multi-level marketing company. The seminar was an eye-opener for him, where people in thousands of number were being “motivated” (read fooled). Ashish knew he had to do something about this. But how – was the question! This is when he approached […]

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