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How are we different – Entrepreneurs’ Story

1. Entrepreneurs never hesitate in taking risks in doing something

Normal People

Entrepreneurs : Trap
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Entrepreneurs : Risky
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2. Taking over a challenging task

Normal people

Entrepreneurs : Happen to me
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Entrepreneurs : Oh yes
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3. If something goes wrong and people blame you for it.

How normal people react

Entrepreneurs : What have i done
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How entrepreneurs react

Entrepreneurs : Bad Ideas
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4. Giving out new ideas

Normal people think before giving out any new ideas.

Entrepreneurs : Better in my head
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 Entrepreneurs just give out what they have in their mind. And they believe everyone likes it.

Entrepreneurs : Thank you
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But if someone doesn’t like, they don’t regret giving the idea.

Entrepreneurs : Good idea at that time
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Entrepreneurship is not a profession its’ an art, you may not be that good with technical skills or may be you feel low for it but if you an entrepreneur you are an artist. And an art of an artist improve if he/she practices it. So if you have that art in you, give it freedom, time at least it deserves a chance.

This is a small vision of how entrepreneurs are different from the normal people. Share if you can relate. :)



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