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Paying Fees just a few clicks away! Say hello to Feezy.in
Student Start-ups
Akshay Kumar
March 21, 2015
Screenshot from 2015-03-14 12_24_10

Are you a working parent? Do you find it tedious to go to your child’s school to pay the fees when you could use that time to be with them instead? Are you a college student and your college fee queue is your worst nightmare? If yes, you’ll love feezy.in and if not then you will start loving it!

Feezy.in is a user friendly platform where anyone; from parents to grandparents; can pay fees online. Long gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues to pay your fees or your child’s fees. In today’s 24*7 working schedule it is really difficult and impractical to waste your time standing in the sun, so we thought of doing something about it so that can save up your precious time and at the same time get your job done.
And we got you your very own Flipkart of schools. Just select and pay!

Screenshot from 2015-03-14 12_24_10

How it works?
For Schools, Colleges & Institutes: Schools can create their profile by signing up. After signing-up they can log into their dashboard where they get a lot of options. From the dashboard, they can create an announcement very easily to notify students and parents about any new update. Schools can update students and parents about any latest announcement within minutes. They can also create different types of fee packages like “Quarterly Fee”, “Annual Fee”, “Tour Fee”, “Picnic Fee” or “Exam Fee”. They can also create fee packages for students and parents so they can pay the fees online. Schools can also view fees reports from their dashboard with proper analytics.

For Parents: Parents can sign-up and create their profile. They can then search for their school and follow it. After following they start receiving updates as soon as they are published by the school. They can also pay fee using the fee packages created by school and pay online through Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking.

Feezy.in is a Jaipur based Start-up founded by a final year BCA student at Rajasthan University, Siddhant Minocha. Siddhant, young entrepreneur has been a co-founder of 3 start-ups before staring feezy. A passionate coder and the only person in the current team who has developed the complete website. ‘Difficult things take a long time; impossible things, a little longer’, says the talented coder.

Screenshot from 2015-03-14 12_25_06

What makes it different is that users can find all schools and institutes in the same app or website. Siddhant goes on to say that “for a parent who has two children studying in different schools, Feezy is a boon for them. And after we launch the app, every announcement will be sent to the users over push notifications like a Whatsapp message”.

He got the idea of making such a service when he was called up to his Alma-Mater to revamp his school’s website.