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Rachna Ghiya : Believe in yourself
Entrepreneur Talks
Sanchita Sharma
January 24, 2015

Here is a glimpse of our chit chat with Rachna Ghiya – Founder, CrispTalks . In this she has shared parts of her life from being an employee in a small organisation to the founder of her very own venture.

Q1. How you started your entrepreneurial journey?
A. It has been a journey of few; failed interviews after reaching the final rounds, being the last one to get placed even after scoring good GPA in MBA, first to opt out of the placed company due to unmet promises, sitting idle for months when all my friends were savoring the initial success of their jobs, and then starting on a meager salary that didn’t match with any of my friends’ fancy paychecks… this is how my professional life kick started.

CrispTalks - Creating awesome animated VIDEOS (Y)Well, it felt horrible because not just that I failed my own expectations but of my family and loved ones too. They had high hopes for me and had big dreams of finding me well suited to a high position in MNC. Though the salary I earned then was peanuts yet it gave me satisfaction that my presence made a difference and added value. Well, all good things come to an end, and gradually stagnation picked momentum. It felt monotonus to do this 10-10 job.

My desire to leave the company was counter offered with a sabbatical instead. But, I knew that I couldn’t do a job and I care to live on my own terms – where I am the anchor and boss of my life. With much confusion and family pressure, I rejoined.. However this didn’t last for long. Alas, on the evening of August 25, 2013, I finally took the big decision without telling anyone. I slept over the thought and the next day, emailed my resignation.

This is where my independent journey started. I still remember the $5 I got from my first freelance work – my first little success. I experimented new things and put my zeal into work. The results started showing up with new projects making their way to me  It’s almost a year now when I began my new journey and I am happy working as a freelancer. The year blessed me with contentment and accomplishment. Not only that, this 1 year gave me ample opportunities  to enhance my skills and  also come up with my own venture – CrispTalks. CrispTalks aims at providing affordable awesome animated videos and engaging presentations for start-ups, entrepreneurs and trainers. I also got a chance to become the editor of a book written on Powtoon software which is soon to be released in 2015.

Q2. What were the initial hurdles you faced during your journey?
 The first hurdle was to be courageous enough to leave a settled job & convince my parents. When I actually started as a freelancer, I single-handedly worked on multiple projects & had to make sure that I do justice to all the projects. Also, creating initial trust and believe in your services is a daunting task.

Q3. Most asked question by budding entrepreneurs, how can they explain to their parents about their dreams as they force them into doing jobs?
A. I think that the job I did gave me a lifetime of experience & clarity of what I am good & bad at. It helped me in self-analysis. But when I felt that I am not enjoying what I am doing I took plunge and simply dived in to explore the entrepreneurial path. My resignation was an independent decision where I just followed my heart. According to me, you just need to convince yourself & set goals for moving ahead in life. Rest of the things will start converging by their own.

Q4. What is your message to young girls, as for them life is graduate->marry->kids->end?
A. I don’t think this is true in today’s era. Girls are equal contenders & they want to make their families proud of their achievements. Good education is the stepping stone for a well paved life. I just have one message for all the girls, it’s important to determine who you are & the reason of your existence. It’s great to see you as a homemaker but are you actually content in being one, is the question. Just ask yourself this & your life will be more than graduation >marriage > kids > end.

You can visit the company’s website for more information about what CrispTalks do