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Sneha Kapoor: The Indian Salsa Princess
Entrepreneur Talks
Animesh Joshi
January 20, 2015

Here we bring you our conversation with Sneha Kapoor popularly known as “The Indian Salsa Princess”, Holder of Guinness World Record for “Most Number of Swing Dance Flips in a Minute”, a very dynamic and hardworking personality.

1. How it feels credited for putting the Indian Salsa on the world map?

I started dancing in mid 2006 and before I knew it I was competing in the year 2007. I won at The Australian salsa Classic 2007, The European Salsa Masters Championship 2007, represented India at the World Salsa Championships in 2007 and placed 2nd at the Asian open salsa Championships in 2007. A lot of people abroad were shocked that people in India even do Salsa and it was a great feeling to be the first Indian to represent India and compete and win! People abroad gave my partner and me awesome reviews on our performance and considered India to be a growing country to promote salsa! So its very humbling to have helped put India on the World salsa map by winning international championships and being invited to teach salsa in workshops nationally and internationally but at the same time it’s also a huge responsibility to keep up the standard.


2. What was the initial hurdles you faced before making your passion as your profession, did your family supported you?

photo 2I started dancing when I was still in college where you are still trying to figure out who you want to be. So I had a lot of people who did not take me seriously! I had a lot of dancers/ instructors/ choreographers who were ahead of me in terms of time and had years of experience more than me. So I had to work twice as hard in half the time they did to catch up. Being in this line is not the easiest you need to be dedicated and hard working and be self driven. A lot of people told me I wouldn’t make it or become somebody in this line, a lot of people doubted me and a lot of people thought I did not deserve the success I achieved for myself and different legs of my journey but I did not let it effect me. I just concentrated on what I had to do, who I want to be and where I wanted to reach and I worked harder every passing day. So in college instead of hanging out with friends for coffee an movies I spent all my time at a studio rehearsing! I lost a lot of friends on the way at that moment but I guess it was worth it, cause I had a dream and I saw it through. My family was very supportive from the start so that was very comforting and boosted my confidence to succeed.

3. You appeared on many reality TV shows like Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 7, Dance India Dance, India’s Got Talent. So are you looking forward to participate in any other show as of now?

I just performed on the Got Talent – World Stage Live Show on colors and as of I have some work in pipeline for me on television so as soon as everything falls into place you will be able to watch me on screen again.

5. You are a Guinness World Record Holder, tell us something from the moments of making the record?

I have Guinness World Record for “Most Number of Swing Dance Flips in a Minute”. The record of 33 flips in a minute was set four years ago in the UK, but I made a new record at 39 flips. The whole experience was just amazing, rehearsals for the same were fun , shooting for the same at that moment was exciting and I don’t think i’ll ever forget the nervousness in my stomach when they were about to announce if we had broken the record! and then when we broke the record, it’s an amazing feeling to know my name is in the Guinness Book till today!


6. What is your message to young girls, as for them life is graduate->marry->kids->end?

If you have a dream don’t let anyone stop you from trying to or working towards achieving it. In today’s world it’s also our responsibility to make an effort to treat ourselves as equals when it comes to being men and woman and have people respect us and treat us that way too. The universe has put out all around us everything we desire, we just need to have the will power and self confidence to step out into the world and take it and make it our own.


7. What is your message to young and budding entrepreneurs, who are following their hearts and creating their passion into profession just like you?

Don’t let anyone tell you ‘ You Can’t’ and even if they do, don’t believe them. Only you have the power to stop yourself from reaching your dreams and goals. So if you have a dream, work hard towards, be smart about it, you probably will fail but don’t give up cause that’s your chance to learn from it and get better and smarter! Compete only with yourself everyday to do better than the previous day and you will reach your goals much faster than you think!